Benzie Area Beekeepers Guild meeting

The Benzie Area Beekeepers Guild is a non-profit organization open to the public which encourages participation by local beekeepers and potential beekeepers with an interest in natural beekeeping. Our goal is to raise bees that are prolific while hygienic, able to over-winter in Northern Michigan and resist Varroa mites. We aim to support each other through discussion, hands-on demonstrations and communal co-operation.

This meeting will include discussions:
 Fall nuc/requeening report
 Winter Planning
 Donated eebox construction workbee planning

Beekeepers of all experience levels are welcome.

Wednesday, September 21st, 5:30pm

How Much?

Grow Benzie: 5885 Frankfort Hwy (M115), Benzonia, 49616
1 mile west of US 31/M-115 (Benzonia)
5 miles east of M-22/M-115 (Frankfort)
Questions: 231-882-9510

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