Farm Class Series: Farmer Resource Swap Meet

September 29, 2016
4-5:30 Resource-To-Resource Swap Meet
5:30 -6:15 Farmer-To-Resource [Anti]-Social Mixer
6:15-7:00 Sneak Peek at 2017: Grow Benzie & Partner Organizations (Taste the Local Difference, Alliance for Economic Success, Crosshatch, Grow Benzie and Friends)

Farmers, Producers and food related organizations are invited to share ideas and lessons learned as we reflect on 2016 and start looking at 2017. Learn from each other what existing programs are helping the region’s food and farming network and provide input for future needs.

Session Details?
Resource-To-Resource Swap Meet – How can Partner Organizations be better Partners? Or be better accessed and utilized by Producers? How can Producers and Organizations alike increase viability and reduce risks? The goal of this workshop is to look at ways that collaborative planning and marketing might advance and strengthen existing and proposed programs under development by partner organizations in 2017. Grow Benzie’s goal is to deepen relationships between organizations, farmers, and the community. This workshop is an attempt to deepen the relationship between Grow Benzie’s Partner Organizations and programming. Bring lessons learned from 2016 and plans for 2017 for the Resource-To-Resource Swap Meet. Then stick around for some yummy appetizers and hang time at a social mixer with producers curious about what you can do for them. We’ll wrap it all up with a Sneak Peek at 2017.

[Resource folks: Please bring (or send if you can’t make it) your marketing materials and any 2017 events you would like included in The Sneak Peek at 2017. We hope you’ll be able to be there yourselves to share this info. But if you can’t attend or stick around, I will be happy to provide a handout or include your events in the Sneak Preview, and get back to you with any questions, comments and feedback. Sharron 231-352-3966].

Session 2: Producer-To-Resource [Anti]Social Mixer – If you’re a Producer, the last thing you want to do at the end of a long farming season is talk about farming, right? We get that. That’s why we’ve put something together where there’s nothing for you to do. Join us for a social mixer where you might meet the resource you’ve been waiting for; to be filed until a snowy day when you’re feeling rested. Right now, the only things you’ll need to pick with those tired hands are business cards. And if you don’t feel like talking, we’ve provided a special code: pop a yummy appetizer from Still Grinning Kitchens in your mouth. We’ll understand. The evening will wrap up at 7:00 after a Sneak Peek at 2017 programs, where your feedback will help Grow Benzie and its Partner Organizations optimize their programming to suit your needs. Grow Benzie’s goal is to deepen relationships between organizations, farmers, and the community. This event is an attempt to deepen your relationship with Grow Benzie’s Partner Organizations, a community of resources available to help increase your viability and reduce risks.

Sponsored by the USDA-Risk Management Agency and in partnership with Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology, this workshop aims to share knowledge with producers to increase their viability and reduce financial, production, and marketing risks. Grow Benzie’s goal is to deepen relationships between organizations, farmers, and the community.

Farmers, beginning producers, retiring/transitioning producers, organic producers, specialty crop producers, sustainable producers, value-added producers, small business owners, food partners

Grow Benzie
5885 Frankfort Highway (M-115)
Benzonia, Michigan 49616
1 mile west of Benzonia
30 minutes west of Traverse City
30 minutes north of Manistee

Contact Sharron @ 231-352-3966 or

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