Farm Series: Mushroom Production

Grow Benzie Farm Series: Mushroom Production. Participants will increase their understanding of spawn, innoculation and incubation of several mushroom varieties inlcuidng shiitakes, oysters, lion’s mane, and wine cap. Guest presenter includes Bernie from Ware Farms and Casey from Five Springs Farm.

Farmers, beginning producers, retiring/transitioning producers, organic producers, specialty crop producers, sustainable producers, value-added producers, small business owners

Thursday, Septebmer 28th, from 6-8:00pm

Sponsored by the USDA-Risk Management Agency and in partnership with Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology, this workshop aims to share knowledge with producers to increase their viability and reduce financial, production, and marketing risks. Grow Benzie’s goal is to deepen relationships between organizations, farmers, and the community.

How Much?
$5 per person

Grow Benzie: 5885 Frankfort Hwy (M115), Benzonia, 49616
Questions: 231-882-9510

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