Making MI Recipes Work

Making Michigan Recipes Work is a hands-on training experience for K-12 school food service staff to learn handling and culinary skills specific to fresh, Michigan produce. Participants will participate in the preparation of four recipes built around specific Michigan produce items.

This training will integrate several produce handling and culinary skill training topics into the recipe preparation, including:
—Understand food safety considerations, including Standard Operating Procedures and HACCP guidelines purchasing, receiving and storing farm fresh produce
Be trained in the proper way to handle knives and other culinary tools to make a variety of cuts
—Prepare 4 recipes using Michigan farm fresh produce
—Learn how to introduce new foods in their cafeteria through staff engagement, taste testing and Smarter Lunchrooms strategies
—Receive resources to help staff teams to work farm fresh produce into their menu plan, using standardized recipes (including: Michigan salad, stoplight soup, Fall roasted vegetable medley, and a fruit and yogurt parfait).

This program helps K-12 school nutrition staff learn the skills to use fresh, unprocessed Michigan fruits and vegetables in their kitchens. The pilot round of 5 regional trainings is funded through a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant.

October 4th, 1-5pm

Grow Benzie
5885 Frankfort Highway (M-115)
Benzonia, MI 49616
1 mile west of Benzonia
5 miles east of Frankfort
30 minutes west of Traverse City
30 minutes north of Manistee

Register here:

Contact Kaitlin Wojciak, or 586.469.6088

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