A visit to Grow Benzie would not be complete without touring some of the 16,000 square feet of hoop houses we have on site. At the time they were built in the seventies, these were “state-of-the-art” greenhouses growing plants and flowers on raised tables and being heated through radiant vents piped underground.

In our efforts to revitalize the structures, Grow Benzie removed the broken shells and replaced them with a weaved plastic that is engineered to retain heat from the sun while withstanding a generous load of snowfall.

We grow a variety of perennial fruits and vegetables that we sell at our Monday Farmers Market and to local restaurants, utilizing the entire growing process to meet the needs of our community interested in learning how to grow their own food.

Garden classes include “Fridays with Britt”, a free time for visitors to ask questions and take tours of the hoop houses, and bi-weekly public workshops including garden planning and maintenance.

A complete list of classes can be found at Garden & Kitchen Education.