Community Guilds 

Benzie Area Beekeepers Guild

Northern Michigan is rich with beekeeping knowledge- from amateurs to professionals alike.  The passion for raising bees and understanding their importance to our ecosystem- particularly in our diverse agricultural region- is shared with our love of honey. The Benzie Area Beekeepers Guild is a way to support each other and encourage participation to better serve each other and our little sisters, the bees.  By staying connected with one another, members have more access to information and tools to have success with their bees.

Upcoming meeting topics include: Spring tasks and hive assessment, including: removal of mouse-guards and clearing bottom boards, box reversal, colony and queen health check, Spring feeding, and general troubleshooting. Grow Benzie will also be offering formal classes, Beekeeping 101 and Advanced Beekeeping. 

benzie area Seed Savers Guild 

Humans have been saving seeds since the beginning of time.  Grow Benzie has been saving seeds since the beginning of Grow Benzie.  With all the energy and interest in seeds throughout the area, Grow Benzie decided to organize a group of seed enthusiasts.  The goal of the group is to discuss seed saving, exchanging, storing and selling- any aspects of sharing the story of a seed.

The inspiration to start this group grew from the discovery of squash seeds in an archaeological dig by students at the University of Wisconsin. An 800-year old clay pot held these ancient seeds, which were later grown and distributed through the First Menominee Nation, and eventually made their way over to Northwest Lower Michigan.  Preserving and sharing the stories of these heritage seeds, along with heirloom seeds from Grow Benzie and other area farmers, are among some of the activities planned by the Benzie Area Seed Savers.

Benzie Area Knitters Guild