Grow Benzie Wish List

As a farm, we're always in need of stuff to make things better.  As a community non-profit, we're always in need of donation of time to maintain things. As a social hub and idea factory, we're always in need of benefactors to make the dreams become things.


  • Woodchips for mulching the garden beds
  • Edible and native plants for the property
  • New tools (drill, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc), not old ones that don't work
  • New digital projector for the Event Center
  • Stackable chairs for our event room
  • New event tables to replace our aging wood tables


  • Weeding & mulching the property gardens
  • Screen door/frame (and installation)
  • 20' of gutter pipe (and installation)
  • Event Center door/window/patio painted
  • Outdoor painting of 3 decks
  • Volunteer Form HERE to be contacted by Grow Benzie team


  • $10,000 to afford a national music act(s) for Bayou in the Barn
  • $25,000 for drywall repair and updated LED lights in event center & kitchen
  • $10,000 to buy the adjacent property for expanding our incubator farm program
  • $40,000 to convert our greenhouse roofs from plastic film to polycarbonate glass 
  • $60,000 to pay off our outstanding loans over the past decade
  • $150,000 to pay off our remaining property mortgage
  • $420,000 to purchase the adjacent property for building a tiny-home community with space for agriculture and a shared work barn
  • One time donation form is HERE
  • Become a member of Grow Benzie with annual benefits HERE